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Health and Health Commission Epidemic Prevention S (5th Dec 22 at 1:09am UTC)
Original Title: Health and Health Commission Epidemic Prevention Series Knowledge Publicity-Teach You to Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Masks Teach you to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of masks At present, masks are mainly divided into the following categories: 1. Medical protective mask (E.g. N95, KN95) 2. surgical mask 3. Disposable medical mask 4. Ordinary mask (Cotton mask, sponge mask, etc.) 01 Medical protective mask (N95, KN95) N95 mask is one of the nine kinds of anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH in the United States. Its greatest feature is that it can prevent droplet transmission caused by patients. In fact, there are two kinds of ordinary N95 mask, with breathing valve and without breathing valve. Breathing valves are considered to be less protective against viruses, while those without breathing valves are less breathable, more laborious to breathe, and should not be worn for a long time. When you buy, you can choose according to the actual situation. In particular,Medical Disposable Coverall, it should be reminded that the "bacterial filtration ≥ 95%" indicated in the packaging of some brand masks is not equal to the "N95 protection level". At the same time, there is no so-called 3m standard mask, 3m is only a mask brand, not all 3m masks can reach the N95 protection level. KN95 masks and N95 mask are actually the same thing, but the certification bodies are different. The former N95 is the standard formulated by the United States,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, while the latter KN95 is the level stipulated by the Chinese standard. N95 masks are suitable for doctors and nurses in fever clinics, isolation wards or transfer of confirmed cases. Expand the full text 02 surgical mask Surgical mask is a medical mask commonly used in operating rooms and other environments with the risk of body fluid and blood splashing, which can prevent blood and body fluid from passing through the mask to contaminate the wearer, and the filtration efficiency of bacteria should not be less than 95%. However, the filtration efficiency of particles is limited, and most of them are rectangular design, and the tightness with the face is not as tight as that of medical protective masks. When people buy masks, they must pay attention to the masks with the words "surgical mask" or the implementation standards. The surgical mask is suitable for the use of suspected patients or public transport drivers, sanitation workers and other on-the-job periods, KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control ,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, as well as invasive operating environments such as operating rooms. 03 Disposable medical mask There are many names of ordinary medical masks, and the medical masks without the words "protection" and "surgery" on the name are all ordinary medical masks. This level of mask is generally not required to have a barrier effect on blood, so it is only suitable for wearing in general medical environment. 04 Ordinary mask Ordinary masks may be made of cotton cloth, gauze, sponge, canvas and velvet, because the material itself is not dense enough to prevent infection. As for how to choose, the first thing to say is that it is not necessary to wear N95, because these viruses do not actually exist alone, it often exists in droplets, general masks, surgical masks and so on can still block most of the viruses with droplets into the respiratory tract, so it depends on the specific situation. Figure 1 | Sponge mask Photo 2 | Cotton mask Masks that do not prevent infection To sum up, N95 and KN95 masks have the strongest protective effect, followed by surgical mask, disposable medical masks and ordinary masks. However, N95 mask, there are also some practical situations, such as uncomfortable use, difficult purchase and high price. If you go to general open-air public places and do not contact with patients, you can choose to wear surgical mask or disposable medical masks without excessive protection. Name of mask, defect of efficacy, scope of application Medical protective masks (N95, KN95) have strong particle filtration efficiency, which is their unique performance. The highest level of protection. Poor air permeability, breathing is more laborious, not suitable for a long time to wear 1. It is not recommended that the public be over-protected. ;1. When transferring a confirmed case ;2. Fever clinic Doctors and nurses in the isolation ward Surgical mask can prevent blood and body fluids from passing through the mask to contaminate the wearer. The protection level is high.
Limited particle filtration efficiency; less tight fit to the face than a medical protective mask 1. Recommended for public use ;2. Crew of Public Transport Division , sanitation workers, etc. on duty; 3. Suspected case patient ;4. Operating room and other invasive operating environments Disposable medical masks are more convenient to use. The protection level is low. No barrier effect on blood 1. Recommended for public use ;2. Particulate barrier protection other than pathogenic microorganisms ? Disposable health care in general settings; daily use in medical facilities Ordinary masks can block most viruses with droplets. Low level of protection. Poor airtightness, windproof,KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers, warm, isolated dust and other large particles Jurong Municipal Health Commission novel coronavirus prevention and control headquarters Return to Sohu on January 31, 2020 to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com
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